Hmezad Jeklo


The production of forged tools by Hmezad Jeklo d.o.o. at the foothills of Pohorje Mountains is one of the oldest forges in Europe. It began its operations in 1840, and some historical sources say that smithery developed in this area as early as four centuries prior to that date.

Since the time of the foundation of the company, the brand has been focusing on forestry tools as well as tools used in everyday household chores. Due to their functional quality and constant technological improvements, these tools became indispensable for our buyers. In the past twenty years, our activities have been expanded to also include the production of forgings for various industries.

We endeavor to be the best in everything we do, so we focus on: 

  • the high quality of our products,
  • the qualification of our employees,
  • and constant development.