The origins and development of smithery in Ruše

Throughout its existence, Ruše have never been considered an exclusively farming community, and non-farming activities began appearing very early on. One of the first industries was smithery which appeared in the Ruše area as early as in the second half of the 14th century. The first forge was called Vodni Pogon ob Lobnici.

The roots of today's forge, founded by Alojz Pogačnik, go back to 1840. Together with his son, the engineer Hinko Pogačnik, he introduced numerous technological novelties and, in 1908, even built a hydroelectric power plant.


After the Second World War, the forge became state property and was renamed into Jeklo Ruše. In 1998, it was bought by the company Hmezad Trgovina from Žalec which proudly gave it its current name, Hmezad Jeklo d.o.o.


Even though the ownership of the forge went from one owner to another, production continued throughout the years uninterruptedly, guaranteeing the survival of the company even through turbulent times in history and up to day.

Of course, this story has not yet finished; to the contrary, it is being written every day, as its future brings new challenges and achievements.