... Columbus today


The company Hmezad Jeklo decided to return not only to the tradition of our ancestors but also to a more environmentally friendly production, which has been achieved by reviving the traditional manufacture of hand tools – these tools have been proudly given the name Columbus.

The Columbus product line is manufactured by means of manual forging which has been long forgotten by many. The products are made by master craftsmen and are hallmarked by high quality which is evident at first sight due to the absence of any "cosmetic fixes" (grinding, painting, polishing).

The shape and weight of Columbus axes was adjusted to various tasks, thus achieving maximum efficiency.


The advantages of Columbus axes:

  • forged from high-quality flexible steel;
  • the metal parts of the axe are not painted, which emphasizes the appearance of manual forging;
  • high-quality forging enables the possibility of multiple sharpening;
  • furnished with a handle with a wooden and metal wedge;
  • the ergonomically designed handle is made of ash wood and is protected with linseed varnish;
  • it meets the norms set forth under DIN 7287 concerning the pullout force.

                                                  … where tradition and quality meet …